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Originally Posted by KrispyK View Post
1. Any thoughts on Raketa chainrings, cogs and lockrings. I like the idea of a 16 notch BB lockring instead of having to use a lockring tool.
Nice concept on the lockring tool. Their gear looks to be pricey and only getting your hands on some will tell you if it's worth it. In saying that, there's damn good quality gear out there for cheaper, but it's your money so do what you want.

Originally Posted by KrispyK View Post
2. I ride on the track twice a week currently and commute by bicycle to work and school. Due to time constraints my outdoor training time is limited. Any tips or recommendations for trainer programs and workouts? I do ride my track bike on the trainer and like the trainer because its so time efficient for a workout.
Before I immersed myself with the sprinting side of things, I found the speed endurance sessions from Upupup to be particularly beneficial. I was combining those with shorter ~1.5hr high intensity road rides 2x per week. That workload was enough to get me very competitive in our local club A grade despite my hefty size
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