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Originally Posted by dirtydozen View Post
Hello guys, I am very concerned about my safety on the bike, I am already very aware about anything that could make me crash but there are things I cannot control.

I live in a new area and I find the drivers aggressive when they overtake me. Every ride there are 5/10 situations where a car overtakes me with no visibility, if a car comes from the opposite direction it's going to be 100% nasty.

I learnt a trick not too long ago : when it's not a good place to be overtaken, position yourself a bit more towards the center of the road to kind of block the car, but there are two problems : sometimes the car is already here and it feels like it's going to be unsafe to move to the center, and cars comming from the opposite direction well sometimes they take corners in the center of the road so yeah kind of scared of that too.

Anyways, appart from picking the routes with as less cars as possible is there anything I can do to avoid these scenarios ?

Anyone is using something to block wind noise that could give some feedback on that?


I ride early in the morning to avoid traffic. I also stick to back roads for the most part, so far this has worked really well for me. Waving at drivers seems to help ease there aggression from my experience. People swear by Varia, might be something to think about getting.
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