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Originally Posted by KrispyK View Post
Thoughts on the new Look Keo Track pedal then? I spoke to rep at CABDA west and he was saying that they developed them so you wouldn't need to use straps. The knob at the bottom effectively locks in the shoe and wont release unless of a crash. I mentioned that some people use straps to also minimize movement of the foot in the shoe. They said to get better shoes. LOL

Also spoke to high up at 3T North America and they said that they were very surprised about the cancellation of the Scatto. Especially since its an Olympic year and its popularity with track people.
"Get better shoes" is a BS answer.

I couldn't figure out how they worked until I read your comment. This is no different that the Kewin Track Pedal that was around about 10 years or more ago...and it wasn't popular then, either.

The Keywin pedal had a small lever (of sorts) on the side that would keep the clamp from disengaging or the cleat from releasing (I can't recall).

If you simply want a pedal that won't release the cleat, use Shimano SPD-SL or SPD-R. But, that's not the objective. Hell, I can setup my SPD-SL pedals so tight that the cleat would move on the shoe before the pedal disengaged. So? When I used NJS straps, I'd set the release tension at maybe 1/3 of max and never disengaged. The way my pedals and straps were arranged, my foot literally did not move vertically no matter how hard I tugged upwards.

Everyone reading this, if you have a trainer or next time you are on your bike, strap in and do moderate standing and seated efforts and see if your feet move in your shoe. That's slop. That's slop that you can remove.

This slop is why I firmly believe that pursuit specialists would benefit from using straps as well. I've seen a couple of photos of some pursuiters in World Cup and Olympics using straps. I've cited them in other threads here. Why did they do it? It's not about disengagement as they never use a powerful standing start. It's about cleaning up the slop in the shoe. The LOOK pedal (and the representative you spoke with) ignores that.
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