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Originally Posted by reppans View Post

I have a Fly Creek UL2...not a big fan of it. Got into ultralight and moved over to a double-wall pyramid for more versatility and nearly half the bulk and weight... usually use a fallen branch for a pole.
What tent are you using that is “half the bulk and weight” of a Fly Creek UL2? There aren’t many tents that can go half the weight of the Fly Creek. That would be a 15 oz tent and I’ve never seen a tent that is less than a least not one that isn’t a claustrophobe’s nightmare.

Originally Posted by reppans View Post
I’m sub 30L for ~3 days self-supported (various modes of transport) and reasonably comfortable with stove, shower, bar, chair, 2.5” mat/pillow, fan, solar, etc..
Okay, I’m confused. Shower, bar (what kind of “bar”), chair, fan and solar in less than 30 L? Along with the other stuff you need? Where do you put it? This bike

DSCN1255 by Stuart Black, on Flickr

has a 3 liter pocket up front, a 15L bag for my sleeping bag, a Fly Creek UL1 tent (7L), a Oveja Negra Super Wedge (4 L) and a Revelate Design Viscacha (15L). All told, the volume is 44L. I’m also carrying a 14L Osprey hydration pack which has my tools. That’s got the volume up to almost 60L and I have no room for anything other than food, clothing, tools, food, and sleeping stuff. In fact, my food situation was such that I boosted the volume on my last trip with the addition of two 4.5L fork bags and two 3L micro panniers.

2020-01-26 16:51:13 by Stuart Black, on Flickr

Total volume now 75 L and I still wouldn’t have any place to put a shower much less a chair, fan or “bar”.
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