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Originally Posted by greatscott View Post
I hear you, but in general, percentage wise, I see more cyclists disobeying far more laws and more often then cars except for speeding! LOL
Originally Posted by Digital_Cowboy View Post
I don't know if that is a good or a bad thing. I do know that my experience is the opposite, in that I see far more motorists breaking the law than I do cyclists.

Yes, I see cyclists who fail to stop for red lights and stop signs. As well as those who are operating after sunset without any sort of lights, and those who fail to signal, and in the interest of full disclosure. I have to admit that particularly if I feel that I need to keep both hands on the handlebars to maintain control of my bike. That I do not always signal
But that overall I see far more motorists who:

1. Fail to signal turns/lane changes
2. Fail to stop for red lights and stop signsTo include failing to come to a complete stop before making a right on red
3. Tailgate
4. Speed
5. Engage in all forms of road rage

6. Fail to turn their headlights on after sunset
7. Fail to turn their headlights on while using their windshield wipers when it is raining
I could go on, but I think that you get the point.
FYA, I recall this flip side of the coin, “Remind Me Why I Should Care What Motorists Think,” also with a litany
Originally Posted by bicyclelove View Post
I mostly agree with you except for the red light running. Running a red light gives us (cyclists) a bad rap. Motorists see us as just scofflaws and don't respect our right to be on the road because of that. This is really the biggest thing I hear from drivers. Running red lights just makes us all look bad.
Originally Posted by spare_wheel View Post
You are forgetting a few:

1. Bikers/cyclists are entitled (or think they are better than us.)
2. Bikers/cyclists don't pay for bike lanes/roads.
3. Bikers/cyclists ride in the middle of the lane (and should ride on the sidewalk/or on a different road/or not at all)).
4. Bikers/cyclists ride too slowly (and should ride on the sidewalk/or on a different road/or not at all).
5. Bikers/cyclists ride on the sidewalk and should ride in the bike lane (or on a different road/or not at all).
6. Bikers/cyclists roll stop signs.
7. Bikers/cyclists wear dark clothing/lycra/chartreuse/tights.
8. Bikers/cyclists don't wear helmets.
9. Bikers/cyclists don't use lights.
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