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Originally Posted by KraneXL View Post
Counterpoint: A cyclist has all the same rights and responsibilities of use to the road as any other vehicle. Because, motorist will sometimes have to wait for a cyclist does not make them an elitist. Rather, it makes them fellow users of the road. Always keep this in mind when you're behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.
Wow ... I am not a big fan of @Krane XL as a rule but this post of his made perfect sense and was a really good post. Anyone looking for an issue with kraneXL would do better to pick another post to attack. this one mmakes perfect snes ... to me at leadt. maybe that should scare krane XL?

For @greatscott and any others .... here is what i read:

A cyclist is a road user, exactly the same as a car driver, truck driver, motorcyclist .... and the fact that a motorist might have to wait for a cyclist does not mean the cyclist is "elite," special, powerful, selfish, or anything negative ... the cyclist is riding for safety and the motorist is waiting not because s/he is being "controlled" by by the "elite cyclist," but because basic decency in sharing the road dictates that at thet point the motorist slow down and wait for the cyclist to reach a safer place for passing.

Krane XL seems to be saying that cyclists and motorists are equal, and both need to cooperate with the other for safe operation.

Who has a problem with that? Did I misinterpret?
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