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Originally Posted by KraneXL View Post
Counterpoint: A cyclist has all the same rights and responsibilities of use to the road as any other vehicle. Because, motorist will sometimes have to wait for a cyclist does not make them an elitist...
Originally Posted by Maelochs View Post
Wow ... I am not a big fan of @Krane XL as a rule but this post of his made perfect sense and was a really good post...

For @greatscott and any others .... here is what i read:

A cyclist is a road user, exactly the same as a car driver, truck driver, motorcyclist .... and the fact that a motorist might have to wait for a cyclist does not mean the cyclist is "elite," special, powerful, selfish, or anything negative ...

Who has a problem with that? Did I misinterpret
Originally Posted by KraneXL View Post
Well if you ask me it sounds like you're just getting a lot smarter. ��My work here is done.
I would like to take some credit for this reconciliation.

Earlier on this thread I posted from a different thread, quotes from @bicyclelove and @spare_wheel as a seemingly witty repartee of cyclists’ transgressions to the list of motorists’ transgressions by Digital_Cowboy on this thread.

I had no intention of presenting it as evidence ofcyclists’ elitism as interpreted by @greatscott in his more recent post in reply
Originally Posted by greatscott View Post
I hear you, but in general, percentage wise, I see more cyclists disobeying far more laws and more often then cars except for speeding! LOL!!!.
Originally Posted by Digital_Cowboy View Post
I don't know if that is a good or a bad thing. I do know that my experience is the opposite, in that I see far more motorists breaking the law than I do cyclists....

But that overall I see far more motorists who:
1. Fail to signal turns/lane changes

2. Fail to stop for red lights and stop signs1..,
6. Fail to turn their headlights on after sunset
7. Fail to turn their headlights on while using their windshield wipers when it is rainingI could go on, but I think that you get the point.
Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
FYA, I recall this flip side of the coin, “Remind Me Why I Should Care What Motorists Think,” also with a litany
Originally Posted by bicyclelove View Post
Running a red light gives us (cyclists) a bad rap. Motorists see us as just scofflaws and don't respect our right to be on the road because of that. This is really the biggest thing I hear from drivers. Running red lights just makes us all look bad.
Originally Posted by spare_wheel View Post
You are forgetting a few:

1. Bikers/cyclists are entitled (or think they are better than us.)
2. Bikers/cyclists don't pay for bike lanes/roads.
3. Bikers/cyclists ride in the middle of the lane (and should ride on the sidewalk/or on a different road/or not at all)).....
8. Bikers/cyclists don't wear helmets.
9. Bikers/cyclists don't use lights.
Originally Posted by greatscott View Post
that's because the person that coined that phrase is an elitist, and elitist think they're above the law, and a lot of cyclists think they're above the law and don't care what motorists think, and then they scratch their asses, because that's where their brains are, when they can't figure out why motorists hate them.
Apropos of this lame attempt at humor, I had posted just yesterday to another thread about communicating on Forums:
Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
FYA see this now-closed thread, started 7/12/13, “How Do You Communicate on Forums vs Face-to-Face" (probably closed because of some overt hostility). While it was still civil, I posted:
Originally Posted by Jim from Boston
Do you think that smilies (emoticons) help in fleshing out the vibes and flow of conversation and personal interaction in a posted message? It seems that Bike Forums provide a pretty wide range of smilies to express and vitalize as it were one's comments.

Personally, I do try to express any emotive content in writing as precisely as I can. The Merriam-Webster online dictionary is on my bookmark list to find the right synonym for any key words I use.

One thing that compelled me to reconsider smilies though was this. I once saw an ad in a sports magazine for something [Radio Shack] being endorsed by Lance Armstrong. He was quoted as something like, "No man over thirty should ever use smilies...period."

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