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Originally Posted by Bike Jedi View Post

I know you mentioned Australia, but Australia is one of the more expensive countries in the world to visit. So I do want to see it at some point, but I would need to include it in a pass through rather than go spend a winter there because of the cost of living.

If we really only live once, and I will never get a chance to do this again because of age, health, commitments, tragedy, whatever...then I want to go do this. So what places should I be focused on, for what months, in a continuous path if possible, in the most affordable way?

For as much resources out there that there is, and for as long as I have read this stuff, I don't honestly recall coming across folks directly talking about, "this is how I year round tour and avoid weather..." kind of thing.

I don't have expectations, just trying to understand logically if that is doable, or do I need to start thinking about bike/flying more than just continuous touring?
Australia is only expensive for tourists. For those of us living here, it's not bad. And it depends where you go and what you do. If you insist on trying to stay in a city like Sydney or Melbourne it is going to be very expensive ... but if you get out in the country, there are lots of places you could camp for free.

If you want to travel outside of your own country which is, I assume, the US ... first let us know how old you are and what kind of educational background you have. That will help us give you tips.
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