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It's always hard for anyone to comment on whether a shop is bad, or not, due to so many unknowns with communications between shop and customer. I always tell people to learn to do some of these things yourself and there is so much info available about how to do anything with YT vids, forums like this one and even many mfrs have info about their products to help with maintenance. Not trying to put shops out of business so even if you still prefer to have them do the work you'll at least be an informed customer and recognize the good from the bad shop. In your case changing out a chain/cassette/chainring are all fairly easy tasks with not a huge investment in tools and asking here can get you tons of help with finding the right parts. Your rear wheel bearings needing replacement may be a little trickier if you have cartridge bearings but if you know what to look for you may find they just need a lube, adjustment or ??? You should ask the shop why they recommend a whole new wheel. I do my own work and haven't had a shop touch my bike in decades but I have listened in to mechanics in shops talking to customers and the advice ranges from scary bad to highly skilled and experienced so much so that they might actually lose a sale on something by telling the customer that something less expensive will be a better choice or even how to fix the problem themselves.

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