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Originally Posted by ChimeraKC View Post
This shop is always trying to sell me more than I want and sell me on a new bike. Only game in town. I have 2019 Specialized Allez that needs a new cassette, chain and chainring.
We have waited weeks for a cassette to arrive - I see tons of compatible ones online - and they say they can only get a chainring with the cranks attached. REALLY? I see tons of them for sale without that. They also say the bearings are gone on the rear wheel and I need a new one. I had a Bianchi for ten years and never replaced any wheels. Think these guys are out of it and ripping me off? I am a snowbird and trust my shop in Florida much more but these repairs are needed now. Thanks
I am lost on this completely. I could see a chain wearing out after and a cassette, but a chainring? The cranks and chainrings are easily good for 40-25,000 miles. I suppose on could be wore out after 10,000 but I seriously doubt it. How many miles are on this bike since you bought it? Normally cranks come with the chainrings you buy and if for somereason you need a new set of cranks, that is simple. You buy them and install them it is not rocket science. You need tools and have to get educated to what you need. If you ride a lot miles which seems you do given you are wearing out parts, spend some time learning some basic bike mechanic skills. Some things do need a shop or are done so little that the tool is not worth it to buy. However routine work on your bike is within your grasp. Give us the run down on the compenents you have on the bike now and I tell you probably need. A photo of the chain ring would be good. Chains and cassettes are wear items they go bad between different amounts of mileage and conditions.

For the record I usually get 7-10,000 miles on an 11 speed chain before it is stretched too far. This is much more than average but I keep it clean and lubricate it and I don't live in the mountains and tend to spin. I get 20,000 miles on a cassette for the same reasons. I have never worn out a chainring on my bike which has 40,000 miles on it and I bought it in March of 2017. It happens to have the same bottom bracker too never have I touched it and the cranks spin like a top. I mention this because really it is not all the difficult to rigure out with some research. The bike shop is saving you all the research and they are doing everything for you. That is fine and a great service however they will normally only do things a certain way and make it easy on themselves if possible.
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