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If you need a new chainring, which for a 2019 bike would indicate your doing a lot of distance on it, then which one needs replacing can decide what is the cheaper option, if the inner, normally these are cheap, the outer, then you have to look at the cost vs just replacing the whole crank, as these, esp with newer non-flat designs are are often so close in price to a whole crank, that just replacing the crank is the cheaper option.

Add to this availability, if the LBS is doing a like for like, this may come into play, and like for like can lead to delays in time and increases in cost (you mention compatible parts are available online, 2 question need to be answered by you, did you ask the LBS about these, and/or why didn't you order/fit yourself, as the chainring only need a few tools to replace on a modern bike, hex/torx wrenches and maybe a specific chainring tool, which are is not an expensive tool).

For the bearing in your rear wheel, no mention of what these are, if cartridge, no reason why if your doing the distance to kill a chainring that these won't also need replacing, cartridge bearing are an easily replaceable part, although may not last as long as cup and cone bearing ( the price you pay for super easier serviceability)

With all your issues, you really need to be specific in what bike/parts you have as, as noted by others, the Allez covers many models at different spec points , with different parts.
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