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I've taken an approach like this one: a simpler guide to interval training. I have 4 workouts I made that are basically the same the ones in that article, just one is ~15sec all-out sprints and the other is 1min. sprints, mostly for variety's sake. I use to keep an eye on my form/fitness chart and stay out of the red zone. I do a lot of zone 2 work these days and that's easy enough for me to do it following coco cadence in zwift. I hit the alpe or ventoux for longer threshold work... last year I managed to do 1x60@ftp up the alpe so I'll try that again soon, and the shorter hills can work for doing the 4x4 or 4x8 intervals at higher intensities. I tend to favour the longer threshold intervals since they seem to help me with long distance cycling more than doing sprints, but the sprints are helpful for getting away from country dogs and I'm a puncheur type according so I might as well keep up with doing them, and they're kinda fun. I made my own custom workouts with so I could maximize the XP they give as well as have them exactly how I like instead of full of random sprints and other bunk.
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