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Your Excellent Outdoor Adventure Headlamp

Your Excellent Outdoor Adventure Headlamp

Taking extreme adventures should be fun and exciting. However, when you do not have the right tools and materials, some trips are ruined. Therefore, the items you carry must be compact and practical.

ACEBEAM H30 is a compact and high-power headlamp. During dark climbing or hiking, you donít need to worry about what will happen ahead. ACEBEAM H30 will help you navigate because it is the brightest LED headlamp powered by a single 21700 battery on the market.

The brightness of 4000LM is enough for you to deal with the dark night calmly. Under normal circumstances, we do not need an external redundant power supply to reduce the weight of the outdoor assembly, only a 5100mah 21700 is enough.

A variety of color lamp bead configuration options, enrich your application scenarios:

If you're an outdoor enthusiast, you may already know the value of having a red light headlamp.

The H30 has a red LED thatís perfect for outdoor and tactical environments because red light is visually comfortable, does not attract insects, has low reflectivity and low visibility.

A green light is suitable for hunting and tactical environments, Because some animals are not sensitive to green light, on the contrary, humans are very sensitive to green.

UV violet light is suitable for identification and evidence collection, which can easily identify blood stains and other biochemical substances, and is also conducive to the identification of currency. By the way, the UV can help you Help stay away from the danger of scorpions--scorpions fluoresce when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) rays, producing a bright blue -green light that emanates from a layer within their exoskeleton.

ACEBEAM H30 has the ability of the light source to achieve better lighting effects, high-efficiency constant current circuit design, no waste of electricity. Adjustable headlight clip to meet your lighting needs from different angles.

Does this headlamp cool enough? Don't worry, it is also USB rechargeable. You can charge it using a USB Type-C charging cable and it charges fully in 2 hours. That is one quick charge!

The H30 headlamp uses a 21700 battery and included in your purchase of the light is the ACEBEAM one 21700 battery and one 18650 battery adaptor.

Just like any excellent outdoor headlamp, the ACEBEAM H30 features a battery indicator thatís located on the switch. While the light is off, you can click the switch to check the status of the battery. An LED will glow on the switch to let you know what your battery life is. If you see green your battery is fully charged. This headlamp is also a power bank, blue means during discharging, red means low power. Sounds amazing?

Looking at all the features we've discussed, you can see why the ACEBEAM H30 is the ideal professional headlamp and outdoor headlamp. The light itself is compact and lightweight making it easy to carry around. The body is made of durable aerospace-grade aluminum alloy and the flashlight itself is impact resistant up to 1 meter. It's also IP68 rated which is one of the highest waterproof ratings you can come by for headlamps. Not to mention, it also has an electronic lockout so you can lock out the light when you're not using it to prevent it from accidentally turning on.

The headband that's included with it is perforated making it comfortable and breathable while it stays in place. It also has reflective stripes which ensure your safety whether you're running or working.

All in all, this LED headlamp has astounded us thanks to its compact size and versatile features. It has everything in place whether you're looking for a running headlamp, a working headlamp, a camping headlamp, or anything in between. It would even be a great headlamp to use for projects around the house. So if you're ready for a new powerful rechargeable headlamp, check out the ACEBEAM H30.

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