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Bikes: The Blurple Specialized Roubaix Pro

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My odyssey to find the perfect saddle has taken some strange twist lately. After trying a half dozen saddles, I found success with the Specialized Power Saddle. It's a short-nosed saddle and I rode it for two years. The only problem with the Power saddle is that it is a one position saddle. I'm planning on doing several centuries and sitting in one place causes numb bum. I have been doing a lot of Zwift this winter and the Power saddle on the trainer became soar. I tried the Power Arc saddle, but I couldn't stay on it. It was so slippery, I felt like I was moving too much. Next up, the Pro Stealth Saddle that is a short-nose saddle, but it is wider on the nose and allows for more movement. I got the Pro Stealth saddle dialed in, and it was comfortable on the trainer.

We were visiting San Diego, and I wanted to see what a Selle Anatomica H2 looked like. I stopped by their hq and I was with my wife. She got excited about the saddle and I ended up walking out with one. I thought the Selle Anatomica H2 looked awesome and I was super excited to try it out. I tilted it 1% nose up and went for a 25 mile ride. I was slipping forward. I moved the nose up 1.5% and tried it again...same problem. I moved it up 2% and I stopped slipping, but now I had pain where you don't want to have pain. I lowered the saddle down a cm, moved it back, and I still had pain. Unfortunately, I returned the Selle Anatomica H2 and went back to the Pro Stealth. I've got a century ride in a little over a month, I hope I can get comfortable with the Pro Stealth.

PS, I would not buy a Chinese saddle. I wouldn't trust the rails and small differences in saddles make a big deal.
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