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I am quite ignorant of 11 speed systems, so maybe this is a bad idea. But since your goal is to change to lower gears for serious uphills, maybe you could retain your front and rear derailleurs, your 11/32 cassette and switch to a double crank with something like 42 and 26T chainings. Or even 40 and 24T. Such chainring combinations would maintain the 16T difference in chainring sizes that you currently have.

If you did this, you would lose the highest gears that you now have that are nice for those long shallow downhills, that could be a concern too.

I have no idea if your front derailleur could be installed down lower on the seat tube or if it is one of those that has a frame mounted tab that it hangs from.

I also do not know if any such cranksets exist that would work with a 11 speed chain.

It says that this is 11 speed compatible, but that is something you would want to verify with them first.

This is square taper, would need different bottom bracket.

I have not ordered from Spa for several years, it is my recollection that I had to e-mail back and forth a few times to get a shipping quote and price without VAT arranged before I ordered from them.

I suspect you would want to have the tools necessary to swap back and forth between your road crank and the hill climbing crank, which would include bottom bracket tools, so that would be a budget impact too.
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