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Originally Posted by Carbonfiberboy View Post
44g powder + 36g fructose = 320 calories, maybe double what you should be doing. Your drink is 6%, perfect. Maybe no dates? If you're only doing one pass, a 400 calorie high-carb breakfast and a bottle or two of drink should be fine. At 70 kilos, when I do more than one pass, I try for 250 calories/hour, though I usually can't manage that much, climbing robbing the stomach of blood as it does. I have maltodextrin and a little whey protein in one bottle, plain water in the other, or in a Camelbak on long rides. I've seen quite a few riders with stomach issues on long hard rides, had them myself, hence my current practice.
Ok I think I will try to cut back on the powder and dates, and just add something real, either a sandwich (I like that idea), or a quality bar that isn't just sugar, but some protein and slower releasing carbs as well.
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