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Oh, and if you think you might be having indigestion, then take a Pepcid or Prilosec when you wake up that morning. Sometimes I get a feeling of pressure mid to upper chest. Not enough to really gripe about but enough to know it's there. Usually that's late afternoon or evening for me.

So if you are the typical male.... or female, sitting in an easy chair in the evening wondering if they are having the beginnings of a heart attack but not quite sure, then that probably is indigestion. Though if you are in your 50's and haven't gotten close to a cardiologist then you need to. Same for a GI doctor if you are 50 plus.

It'll go on for several days. When I recognize it, I take an omeprazole (Prilosec) that my GI doctor prescribed me when he told me I was having GERD. Which was new to me because I never thought I had heartburn since my teens. But Pepcid works just as well and though it's better when taken before hand like omeprazole, it also can be effective at the time you start having symptoms which omeprazole isn't good at.

Usually it's only two or three days in a row that I take one or the other then I'll be good for a month.
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