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Originally Posted by Iride01 View Post
Belly ache and feels empty? I've got no idea then.

Although confusingly described, it seems like you hydrate and get enough Calories while riding. And unless you are confusing a bloated feeling for a empty feeling, then forget the stuff I said for indigestion.

I seldom eat anything on short or long rides. I don't know that I've ever felt like my stomach was empty due to riding.
Not sure how else to describe it. Feels a bit like when it is close to dinner time and lunch was a long time ago. And as I said, eating makes it better. Which is what I don't totally get, I don't feel like I am bonking (enough fuel) but I do feel hungry (stomach empty), hence the title. Maybe I have enough sugar to make the muscles work, but overall not enough calories to make me feel satisfied.
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