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I was in the L wave, 18:45 depart I think, probably was in the blob for most if not all the ride. I didn't mind it at all, it was fun at the controls and there was always people around to work with on the riding... maybe that's why I don't remember much headwind, there was a bit somewhere before Loudéac but nothing worse than the usual wind we sometimes get in Ontario. I'm glad I'd finished a 1200k before going over to do PBP, I knew I could ride quick enough to afford taking time at controls. I haven't decided how to approach 2023 yet, the 84h might be fun but I really enjoyed the rolling party of being in the blob... doing a faster ride to Brest might make for a more enjoyable return though... I've got a fair bit of time to figure it out I suppose.

Come up to Ontario next year and do the Granite Anvil 1200, it's going to be a cloverleaf format through the Canadian Shield, lots of lakes, trees, and rocks... and hills!
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