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Originally Posted by clasher View Post
The roadside support is also amazing at PBP and one of my favourite memories of it too! I guess it's neutral support in a sense.

I gotta chuckle anytime I hear about people being against the support that is clearly allowed by the rules, like they know randonneuring better or something.
Not to be too slanderous against French randonneurs, but I think their attitude towards rules is somewhat flexible. I guess I looked French, in Villaines there was a guy that invited me to take the route the course used to take instead of the main road that it goes on now. I'm a little confused by American organizers that have ridden PBP and worry too much about where to put controls. It is obvious that the French are not nearly as concerned about possible shortcutting of courses as most Americans that set up brevets.

The campers at the top of le roc'h are all cheating, but they get around it by setting up a table and giving food to everyone. I don't remember that from 2011. I am pretty sure they weren't supposed to drive on that road, it would be really annoying to be passed by a lot of campers. I don't think I saw any other examples of support outside of controls. OTOH, the people standing in front of their houses are the best part. I wasted too much time talking to them

Originally Posted by Mulkitez View Post
Was your first sleep break at CArhaix? is this a common first sleep stop?
I can't believe I made that mistake. I only slept at Loudeac, which is the traditional sleep stop at 440km.

Originally Posted by downtube42 View Post
In 2019, I carried my stuff. There was no stressing over what to carry and what to pack. The headwind screwed up my schedule, but since I had my gear I slept when I felt like sleeping, showered when I felt like showering, and changed when I felt like changing. It was nice.
My favorite 1200k approach is to ride fast and sleep lots.
Did you ride a bent in 2019? How much stuff did you carry?

In 2011, I rode fast and slept a lot, but it was mostly ditch naps. Which is generally a bad idea, but 2 of them were pretty restful. The one that almost made me heurs delai in particular. I wish I was faster in 2019, I did get a nice nap in Tintineac waiting for a medicin that I never saw before they kicked me out. I learned that if you want someone to massage your knee, you shouldn't be wearing KT tape, the emt's refused to touch it.

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