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I always wondered whether the campers with free food tables were merely generous, kind souls or were they secret support for club riders. I have never taken food from these roadside tables but wondered.

I am not sure I see a drop bag as support. Drop bags are ubiquitous on longer brevets in the USA and some RBAs often have volunteers with water and snacks out on course, between controls that are spread way out on very hot days. You never would have seen this 30 years ago but it is pretty common now.

When I think of support, it is several people in a car getting to controls before you arrive and they have food or fresh clothing for you. In 2015, I was generally in the top 100 riders to arrive and was virtually the only one without such support but this could be not 100% statement, just a sense and observation. There was a Russian that I remember also riding unsupported. One fellow rando had Chrs Ragdale and others supporting him. Totally legit. I do regret not having support, I had family with me and it would have been pretty easy to avoid not having food or fresh clothing. The controls assumed that fast riders would have support, so, the food wasn't open yet. My first food was Loudeac, I got there with the rising sun. A long, cold lonely night it was. Lesson learned.

Support within the context of the rules would be more like a car following you on the route and handing you food, a jersey, or fixing your bike. Whatever happens at a control is not support. On PBP, there are massages available, Doctors, mechanics, sleep places, food galore, and who knows what else.

In 2019, my bike with gear weighed 45+ pounds. In 2023, I hope it weighs 18 pounds. LOL
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