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Originally Posted by rwmct View Post
I get the "train to ride by riding" sentiment. But my impression is that athletes in just about every sport do some kind of weight training, at least some of the time.
Correct. It's quite effective. Every cyclist study I've read says that both lifting heavy and plyometrics are effective cycling training. IME the heavy isn't as important as lifting to failure or near failure within say 30-50 reps. Thus the beginning lifter can get results while avoiding injury, the issue being that high rep lifting takes up too much time and thus is seldom studied. One gradually works down to sets of 4-6, perhaps over a period of years.

In bodyweight terms, yep, just do pushups and pullups until you fail. Perfect. The bodyweight issue is legs. When I was racing Nordic back in my late teens, I could do 200 one-legged knee bends on each leg, no rest. One gets on a chair, two fingers on a wall, and just does them. Maybe start with 3 sets of 20. That's a good evaluation start. Use a little more range of motion than one would pedaling, no need to go all the way down, in fact it's counterproductive. I do straighten my leg at the top for a tiny bit of rest. One can experiment with hip angle, which changes what fires when.
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