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Originally Posted by Carbonfiberboy View Post
Correct. It's quite effective. Every cyclist study I've read says that both lifting heavy and plyometrics are effective cycling training. IME the heavy isn't as important as lifting to failure or near failure within say 30-50 reps. Thus the beginning lifter can get results while avoiding injury, the issue being that high rep lifting takes up too much time and thus is seldom studied. One gradually works down to sets of 4-6, perhaps over a period of years.
I disagree with you somewhat there on the gradual introduction of low rep work. There is no reason for beginners not doing lower rep-higher weight work. One of the most popular beginner weight lifting programs in the world, Starting Strength, is built around five rep sets. I do agree that there is value in higher reps. But that is for increasing endurance strength, or for fat loss. (Or bodybuilding, of course, but that is a pretty specialized area).

To me, one of the best movements for this is the step up. Just get a bench or a box and step up on it with one leg, touch the other foot to it and step down, Repeat on the other leg. On and on. I will do 100 reps with each leg. You can use bodyweight, grab a fairly light pair of dbs, a water jug in each hand, put on a back pack with a couple bricks in it, whatever. It is a very effective exercise, though it is quite tedious.
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