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I have been a bike tourist for a long time... I am 5'- 6" tall and my wife is 5' 3" and we ran/ owned helped people out in our bicycle stores for over 12 years. There is something called BBS (big bike syndrome) people end up on too big of a bike. For touring I ride a 42 cm and I would not consider anything bigger. Now depending on how much gear you end up putting on your rear rack, a lot of bike tourists find out that their foot can get caught up on stuff on top of the rack, and find out that it is easier/ better to put your foot over the top tube. So, A lower top tube is an advantage. You need to get away from those short stems, they are making you think the frame is small. Our stores usually stocked 50 stems from 50 to 135mm long. They come in different rises too. take your bike to a store that stock stems and try out some longer ones, I am sure that all of a sudden your "small" frame will feel plenty big.
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