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Originally Posted by MLux View Post
When I do this measurement though, is it horizontal and the tape measure actually is above the stem center when I'm measuring? Or do I account for drop (which would add length) and the tape measure is on a slight angle, not parallel with the ground?

When I just measured (without keeping the tape measure parallel), the Surly distance is appx 15 in. My road bike (the Ruby) is 17in. However, I ride the Ruby in a more aggressive position than I want to ride the Surly. I see how that maybe doesn't matter though, and that positioning is actually achieved by the stem angle. Correct? (Hope I'm making some sense!)

Basically, you're saying a longer stem will make the bike feel bigger, but at a stem angle where I can achieve the zero drop, saddle height = handelbar height that I'm looking for. Yes?
my go fast bike clearly has a more aggressive position like your ruby, and that's fine. What I've very much found for touring, as you want, that a more conservative setup is really nice for touring, so a steeper,longer stem like a 110 or something will really improve things in both reach and height.
Whenever I've done stem changes, I've taken good measurements to have before and after numbers, and also eyeballed the change holding different stems up against the bike, not exact exact, but pretty good.

good luck trying out stems
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