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I'm like Doug, I've generally had to put shorter stems on bikes, and at 5'10.5" my great fitting 54cm Tricross , 545mm toptube and I think 90mm stem works great, although with seat moved back on rails---but officially this bike is too small for me. I guess I could put a 100 or 105mm stem on it, but it works as is great.

My med troll has a longer tt, hence the short 50mm stem, but it's great for me too.

my 30 year old tourer was a 56 and always a bit too far stretched out for me, so at least I had its measurements to know how I wanted a bike with less reach, which I measured out on my Tricross in stores when researching bikes.

So while a 54 is not to be my size, it sure does work for me. Who knows, maybe falling off motorcycles a few times crinked my back a bit, but all I know is that if I can ride a 54 all week and be fine physically, that's all I care.
AND like I said, I can easily stretch myself out a bit more with a longer stem, some pro riders do this all the time.

Doug, I agree with you, but mlux does say that she wants the bars both higher and farther away, so I must assume the steerer was cut down, so an angled upwards stem is needed to get the bars up, but it also has to be longer and angled up to get it higher up and further forward.
I haven't seen the existing stem so maybe I'm misunderstanding, but she certainly does that she feels cramped a bit.
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