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Originally Posted by Branko D View Post
Imo, get a cheap digital pressure gauge, they can be had in most bike shops for very little, because something just seems off; a 25c tire does not feel very firm at all at 50 psi.

The other part of the equation is that if you intend to stick to the 72.5 psi limit for hookless rims, you really should just ride 28c and above. That's just a too low limit for 25c to be as efficient as they can be (Silca recommends about 88 psi for high speed on nice, fresh tarmac for me). That should be far below blow off pressure even for tires more prone to it, but 72.5 psi is what the standard says for hookless right now.
​​​I'm betting any timetrialists on hookless are just going for 25s with tested optimal pressure at their weight and ignoring the standard.

​​​​​If the standard was higher (and wheel manufacturers say they could be) then hookless would see more adoption, imo.
Thanks for your input. I am afraid the 72.5 PSI limit applies only to Zipp and Hunt wheels. If you check the official Giant guideline regarding hookless tires (see the link above posted by Sy Reene), 70 PSI is the MINIMUM tire pressure. And, if I fill out the fields on this link with my data, I arrive at a suggested pressure of 83 PSI.
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