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Originally Posted by horinorbi1993 View Post
So I was at the LBS and I felt a bit ashamed as it turned out that the only problem was that I should have pumped more air in the tires..

As I originally took the bike from the shop, the tires were much softer and I thought that should be the normal. Now I know at least how firm the tire should feel at the optimal pressure…

Thanks for your insights anyways!
Don't worry. It happens to the best of us. Sometimes, it's hard to trust hardware! You did good by checking with your LBS. Overinflating a tire, especially on hookless rims, can lead to serious harm.

80-85psi is indeed the good range. FYI, I use 28mm on same setup and I ride comfortable on 65-70pis (Giant's recommendation).

I can be indeed hard to push down for the last few PSIs. It depends on a few factors. The pump being the most important one.
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