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Originally Posted by surak View Post
25mm Schwalbe Pro Ones: Very initial experience with what I'm pretty sure are the first generation Pro Ones, since I've had them for a while but only just mounted them onto DT Swiss R 470 db rims. They were tough to even get completely around the rim without tools, despite using the Easy Fit fluid included in the kit. Had to use a CO2 cartridge to seat one tire, but floor pump was good enough to seat the second tire. They stay seated after deflating the tire to add sealant, and haven't lost much pressure overnight after a short hour ride yesterday. Running at around 70-75 psi, they seem comfy and assured.

32mm GP5Ks: Approx 1000 km on Hunt Aero Light Disc wheels with no complaints, but unlike with the Pro Ones, they don't stay seated when deflated and they lose a lot of air over time. I haven't seen any sealant leakage (Orange Seal endurance) and it's not an issue even on a long ride, so I haven't bothered to figure out if I need new tape, better seal on the valve, or something else. Have ridden over glass and lots of pebbles on road shoulders in the past year over the same roads where I've previously punctured with tubed tires without ever having punctured.
Originally Posted by Eric F View Post
Interesting. I'm using 25mm GP5Ks on Enve rims and Orange Seal Endurance. I get very little air loss between rides - about the same as a tubed tire. Your experience with mounting the Schwalbes describes my mounting experience with the GP5Ks.
My GP5ks definitely lost air much faster than my Pzeros. I had to add air to the GP5ks every few days. I can ride the Pirellis for several days without losing air.

So far, I am in love with the Pirellis and would buy them again. I'm guessing they are not quite as durable as the GP5ks based on the wear I'm already seeing, but the tradeoff in comfort, ease of use, and overall performance may be worth it. For one, I'm not sure that if I flatted on the side of the road with a hole too big to seal that I could have gotten the GP5ks off and back on the rim on the road side with regular tire levers. I could do it easily with the Pirellis.

Complete aside - I just picked up a very slightly used Canyon Inflite al SLX 6.0 race. The owner had not used the original wheels on it, which he put back on for me. The wheels were tubeless ready (other than valves), and the tires were tubeless capable. The Schwalbe X-Ones were incredibly easy to set up tubeless. Took me less than 15 minutes to remove the tubes, add valves, reseat the tires, add sealant, and inflate them. Probably closer to 10 minutes.
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