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Originally Posted by hydrocarbon View Post
Yeah it depends a lot on riding conditions and style, plus the Gen 2 motor uses a 1:1 drive which is way easier on drivetrains, vs. the Gen 3 which has a 2.5:1 step-up gear, so it's spinning a tiny pinion (I run 17T and 20T on my two G3s).

My conditions are close to worst-case, though; extremely steep roads and trails in a rainy area that frequently salts the roads, carrying heavy loads (often over 100 kg) on a big cargo bike, plus I'm close to 100 kg myself and I ride hard at max boost on the strongest motor Bosch makes. So putting that kind of tension through a drivetrain when there's constant salt and grit present really shortens component life. If I was riding an unloaded bike in a flat dry area, I'm sure I'd see 5-10X the drivetrain life.
no the second gen speed re 2.5 I have a 18t chain ring. but ya no salt here though lots of rain. cargo bike I can amine what your having to move.
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