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Originally Posted by spelger View Post
Will keep this short becasue i had a nice pint of home brew and i have to eyhpe with one eey closed, seeing double now...anyway, seems you ride for about 45 minutes, how about thie fin experiment...try riding for 30 minutes only and then follow up wiht another 30 or 25 altelast. ahat will get you 45ish. if the bike craps out after that then i think it may be heat related.

you know, if the bike is still under warrently you might want to contact the seller or everlast about it. it may be a knwon issie wuth a soluriont.

Glad you're having a nice pint lol ....I just cant arsed to muck about with it I've opted with a dkn which is coming this week and then on the 3rd August someone is coming to assemble it so that will be the time to say goodbye to the old girl shes served me well lol ..Lisa
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