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Originally Posted by GhostRider62 View Post
I think a camper is over the top, I wouldn't do that. Just a car with three drivers would be nice. I've thought about it in the past and I'd have support resting at Villaine with my night kit, food, water, etc. I'd take enough fuel to get to Loudeac. Support would go directly from Villaine to Loudeac and rest. After Loudeac, they would go to Carhaix, Brest, Carhaix, Loudeac, Tintineac, Fougeres, Villaines. You are right, Carhaix would be the difficult one for the support due to the roads but the 100 miles from Loudeac to Breast and then the return are pretty hard for the rider, too. If someone (other than a Bijorn) wants to ride a very fast one, support is almost a requirement.

In my opinion, hotel rooms are not needed if you know which controls have the good sleeping places and you plan your ride to not coincide with the bulge. I reserved a hotel in Brest but could not find it but it was a lovely little bonus tour trying to locate it. I slept in Fougeres, Brest, and Tintineac in 2019 and also twice on the steeply banked lawn facing the school in Loudeac. Fougeres is best to avoid because you are on a gym floor and they give everyone space blankets but even with earplugs, it is noisy and cold. The other two were really, really good.
I have never ridden PBP but am training for 2023. I thought that they don't allow support and that was the whole idea behind randonneuring? The PBP Web site reads: "Article 1 : The Audax Club Parisien organizes on August 18-22, 2019 the Paris-Brest-Paris Randonneur®, a 1200 km free-paced "Brevets de Randonneurs Mondiaux" event, in which riders are not allowed to get any support," is that not true?
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