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Originally Posted by bobotech View Post
The delay part is kind of what I don't understand what the big deal is about. When you come to a stop, you back pedal the pedals so the pedal that you are going to push off with is like at 3 o'clock and you rest your foot on it which automatically takes out any slack in engagement. Then when you go, you push down and hop on the saddle and then take off.

If you really want a tighter ratchet, I guess you would spend hundreds of dollars on a Chris King freehub which would have finer engagement but it really is a total non-issue. Then spend the money to have the rear wheel rebuilt.!zfmmJALawi...FQ9dQgod10wAEQ
Well, from a stop it is a non-issue. I ride in the city so dealing with crappy pavement, inattentive pedastrians, and traffic. I stop spinning pretty often, so when I resume there's that delayed engagement that bugs me (instead of engaging rightaway). It's not a big issue and really more of an annoyance. Thanks for your help gents
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