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3 M 90 spray adhesive lives in my shop and has many uses. When I want to mount cheap bar tape( without adhesive) I take a small bit of aluminum foil and put it inside a large mouth jar cap forming a dish,. then I spray a bit of contact cement in the dish and use a q tip as a brush to spread a ribbon of glue on the handle bars. At the levers I cut a small piece of bar tape and paint the back side along with the bottom of the lever clamp . this holds the bar tape while I wrap the bars.

Another use for the tinfoil cup is for touch up paint. I have lots of partial cans of Rustoleum spray paint in different colors. To touch up a paint job take what ever colors you want to mix together to achieve a match and spray a dollop in the cup then take a paint brush and mix them together till you get a good match.

For touch ups you need a sharply pointed brush, preferably sable . I will take a small one and carefully trim the bristles till they form a point. This makes it easy to touch up small chips without getting any on the original paint. Even a close match works pretty well if it is confined to the chip or scratch. Solid colors are much easier to touch up than pearls or metallic paints. With dark colored frames it is sometimes better to use black as a touch up paint. On dark blue for example it practically disappears.
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