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I had no idea this project of mine would generate this much response. Thanks for the feedback so far, I am learning.

Someone suggested placing the indicator's tip against the inner cage plate. This was my first thought too, but I found that the slanted parallelogram resulted in the cage changing its position WRT the tip. Hense the plate bolted to the outer plate by the guide pulley hole. A curious finding is that the Shimano der has about 25% more of this plate/tip relative movement. Due to the longer parallelogram links (I think).

Here's the raw data recordings. Sorry for the photo quality but I just found that my printer won't scan to my computer. The measurements are in black and the red is the difference between each index click. The bottom of each slip has the average cable pull, the average cage travel per click and the calculated actuation ratio. (I will create a larger data recording form that will have 3 measurement recordings, their average, the click to click difference, the average differences and that actuation ratio). These slips show my lack of focus and getting lost in the order a few times, Hence the need for better organization of the recording format. Andy
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