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Giant OCR 2 headset maintenance help needed


I imported my (Dutch) 2006 Giant OCR 2.0 road bike to Canada and decided to give the (threadless integrated) headset some TLC since it was creaking a bit when steering. However, I am not sure how to access the actual bearings as there appear to be (black) rings preventing access. I added some photos below and since I'm not sure of the exact terminology, annotated rings with numbers as well. Any help and links to tech manuals would be greatly appreciated (disclaimer: I do realize a simple cleaning may already resolve the creaking, but since the entire thing is disassembled now anyway, I felt it would be good to approach this properly).

The black and grey rings #1 (dust cover) and #2 (compression ring) came off immediately when removing the stem and washers. However, the black rings #3 and #4 seem to be stuck on the head tube and I cannot find a good diagram for what these are called for this specific headset. Crown race? Seal? Anyway, the inner black ring #4 appears removable (shown as well in the "Headset Assembly" youtube video by RIDE1UP), but is kept in place by the more rigid #3. Ring #4 is somewhat flexible, but too rigid to be rubber I think. Ring #3 seems solid. Can ring #4 actually simply be lifted with a screw driver or would that damage both rings?

The balls can be seen between the grey rings #5 and #6 (which I assume together are called the bearings) and I'd like to remove #5 (which is the one that rotates) to see if the balls need replacing or whether the bearings are damaged. Not sure if #5 and #6 are a single unit though. In the photo, #6 appears a bit rusted, but I think that's the reflection of the light since inspection by eye suggests it's fine.

Photos are here. Pictures are from the top, but the bottom appears to have the same structure.


Merci beaucoup!
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