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Originally Posted by Zaphod Beeblebrox View Post
Is this the year of the 3 speed racer?

I've seen half a dozen threads (not to mention my own build) of folks putting 3 speed IGH's on road bike with drop bars in the last week and a half....seems like there's gonna be a lot of us riding around without derailleurs this summer
Some years ago I built up a 1980 Raleigh Criterium into a 3 speed road bike and really enjoyed that... used to enjoy some insanely good sprint power and had it up to 55 kmh before the hub started to protest as it would not take any more load that i was putting into it.

Conversely, running to large a cog in the rear with a too small chain ring can exceed the hubs design parameters... they are really best suited for moderate use and won't limit most people in the speed department.

I also ran a Shimano 3 speed in an mtb frame to use it as a winter bike and this worked famously in some of the worst conditions I have ever ridden in.

The Sports will get a Cyclo Benelux 3 speed kit added when I rebuild the stock '54 hub into a new or vintage wheel... it requires a longer axle but then the 3 speed will become a 9 speed with a very nice gear range.

Will also look to lace a Dynahub into a 700c for the front so I can be self powered.

I have built dual drives for SA hubs and they work really well to expand the capabilities of the SA AW as if you gear for speed you lose at the bottom and vice versa.

Gotta stay as vintage as possible on this one... the new brakes and old Dia Comple levers are very impressive in how well they work.

I figure one of this bikes first good rides will be to ride the 50 miles from here to my mom's.
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