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Originally Posted by mickey85 View Post
Where exactly does one find a Benelux conversion? I've been looking online, and just about the only place I can find it is that there is one on Ebay for $200...I'm not spending that much for 3 extra gears.
I guess I was lucky to get mine for nothing... and the 3 speed conversion gives you 6 extra speeds

Doing the math I would have 9 unique gearings with 10% jumps and a gearing range from 42 to 91 gear inches as I cannot change the cyclo triple cogset from it's 19/21/23 and they also made a double conversion.

A lower cost solution... 2 Shimano 3 speed cogs can replace one SA cog and one could use any decent deraileur for switching duties and in this way you have more choice in cogs.

With a 2 tooth jump the spacing between the 6 speeds is 10%, with a 1 tooth jump it is 6%, and there is no gear duplication... shifting one of these takes a little practice if you want to sequence the gears but I treat them as a high low range.
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