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Originally Posted by bikejrff View Post
You will love your Lynskey. fyi, you won't see any "David Litespeed" signatures on a Lynskey. lol
Thanks bikejrff, hope I do. I have high expectations, Like I mentioned I really wanted to purchase the Litespeed Ultimate disc road bike but the additional Tax, basic cost, and shipping kinda threw me for curve. I was going to have to spend about 1300 more for the Litespeed, and what I've read from comparison reviews "Litespeed v\s Lynskey" that litespeed was a better build aesthetically and they do look really nice. But, from my point of view now that I'm much older, spent 40 years as a mech working on some of the best U.S.made and U.S.assembled Aircraft and products, I just want something Made in the USA, hand crafted,extremely functional, durable,easy to maintain. If it's beautiful that's a plus.

In 2001 when I bought my Litespeed Ultimate, I was going back and forth over whether to purchase from a Vendor called Airborne I believe, or Litespeed.
In the end I choose Litespeed hand made USA. I just couldn't see giving money to china. I pictured some guy sitting in renovated missile silo welding up bikes being sent to USA and the chinese gov getting all the profit. Sure their people need work and I'm sure the Airborne bikes were all good they have very good craftsman But, in the end I want to support our country It's part of that "feel good" feeling ya get when riding.

Sorry for the rant, I have high expectations for this bike never had DI2, never had hyd brakes, I'm use to traditional skewer style dropouts for the wheels, so it should be real interesting. Never have I run tubeless but I think I just might set these wheels up for tubeless again going to be interesting, supposedly got another 6 weeks hopefully the supply chain bs won't hinder the delivery date.

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