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Originally Posted by fooferdoggie View Post
they way a torque sensor works is the harder you push on the peddles the more assist you will get. it jsut feels like it takes less effort to peddle on a good system. a Bafang setup can do it but it will never be a smooth. only a Bafang mid drive or other Chinese motors will haves a mid drive and a throttle. you wont find those in a bike shop. if you get tired you can just turn up the assistance. when I was sick and bought my bike I could go 20mph with not getting my heart rate above 90 so as long as you can move your legs you can make it home. even with my poor energy levels I can ride 250 miles in a week on mine and still get exercise.
Ok, that sounds good.

I am a little confused, however, trying to learn about them. On Johnnynerdout's website, he has several videos and on some of his bike conversions, I saw him riding pretty fast, and not peddling at all. I guess there is a difference between pedal assist and a throttle?
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