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How to learn to ride a bike as an adult male without being ashamed for it?

Before we start, you can laugh at me, I'm already used to it anyway

I've never been riding a bike my whole life, I was raised by strict parents that wouldn't allow me to do outdoor activities. Nevertheless, the way my parent raised me, I don't hate them because I knew that everyone has their way to raise a kid but I do feel upset sometimes when I remember it.

And here I am, 25M now still feel ashamed to admit to my peers that I can't ride a bike, always trying to cover it up with a bullsh*t story every time they asked. But I am too embarrassed as well to learn now because I live in a city where people not only going to judge me but will laugh at me as well if I'm trying to learn how to ride a bike now as an adult, not to mention there is no empty space/field nearby to practice.

But I've been thinking about getting a bike roller (I assume you all already know what I'm talking about) to learn it indoors. Do you think it is suitable for beginners? But the most important question is how do I learn a bike at this mature age without getting ashamed for it?

Thank you so much will be waiting for your suggestions and input
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