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Originally Posted by Lastmohecken View Post
So, I am taking away that maybe a mid drive conversion with both throttle and pedal assist might be the way to go. I have done a little research and it looks like 750Kw would be the minimum for me, and I think I would rather have 1000kw, but I did read the laws in my state and looks like 750 is the max allowable on bike paths.

So, I am torn as to what to get. I weigh currently about probably 260 with clothes and boots on, which is probably heavier then the average bicycle rider and I do have some steep hills to climb. It would be nice to be legal on the city bike paths since I do have friends that ride there, but so far I have never rode on a city bike path. In the country, county roads and my own farm, it wouldn't matter. With a little gear on the bike, I could be approaching 300 lbs, so do you think a 750Kw would enough?
hub drive is a lot simpler, cheaper, a little lighter and less maintenance. However, if you are riding hills and/or heavy loads you'll need to use gears and need a mid drive. Personally I don't use gears and just built a single speed hub drive (mid drive is kinda worthless with a single speed). That said, most people don't really need to shift a lot with an ebike (again, unless you are climbing hills).

I don't know how anyone would know the "power" of your system. The power is volts x amps. You could take a 350 watt system and increase the voltage and current to get 1000 watts if you want to, and who would know? Its been done (although sooner or later somethign melts.

Or, you take a 750 watt system (48 volts) run 20 amps through it (instead of 15) and you have 1000 watts. The current (amps) is controlled by the controller, and is someone going to check your battery voltage and current from your controller to see your at 1000 watts instead of 750? (Didn't think so). Unless there is a big sticker on there saying ⚡⚡⚡ 1000 WATTS ⚡⚡⚡ you'll be fine.

Just don't go blasting down a MUP (or anywhere obvious) at 30+ mph.

FYI, a really good in shape cyclist puts out 250 watts. a 1 HP motor puts out 750 watts (e bikes are limited to roughly 1HP in your state).
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