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Cable Frame Grommets

I have a 2007 Kestrel RT700 (essentially the same as the RT800 & RT900 that followed). I am in search of the frame cable grommets that corrode and disintegrate over time. I had a stash but that is used up. The local Trek Bike shop has given up in their search. Does anyone know of old parts warehouse, know someone who might make it work or know of a hack to make it work? The bike shop is not willing to hack something up (they still have the bike, I get back tomorrow). I seem to recall that the frame shape was pretty common back in that day (sharing of molds in Taiwan?) and looks very similar to some of Motebecanes on BikesDirect.

Kestrel has not responded...

Any thoughts or leads are welcome. These pictures are of the grommet in question...

Grommets at top
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