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Originally Posted by surak View Post
You're considering buying a power meter and all you want to do with it is look at some number in Watts with whatever random app you can download for free? I suggest putting a bit more thought into what you actually want to do with those numbers, like recording then for training and/or testing (fitness, aero) and/or monitoring power over the course of a ride for pacing. Then you can come back and ask what free (or even paid, possibly better) apps are out there that can show and record the sensor data, load interval workouts, analyze the power distribution of your rides, or estimate your drag coefficient.
Yes I want to be able to see the Watts, see a power graph over the course of the ride, stay in certain zones, certain levels to help out with intervals. I am just not sure if there are any apps out there to do this, free or sure even paid. I don't know this stuff nor do I have any friends who know cycling stuff, hence this forum to ask. If I see one I could check out what it offers, or maybe they are all junk, just wondered if anyone knew this.
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