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Bikes: Looking for "the One"

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[QUOTE=HeikoS69;22326696]Recently I built a "new" bicycle for me.

Bought as an unpainted NOS 1998 frame from a dear friend, got it and the rack slightly modified by Norwid Fahrradbau, than had it powder coated in RAL 1028 melon yellow to have a partner look with my wifes bicycle and finally completed it with new, NOS and used parts, most of them in my drawers for years.

Most special part of this bicycle (apart from its uncommon colour) ist the saddle! In 1997 I had taken that off my Bio-Racer bike after it had spent a night in the sleet, uncovered. It was the night of the 22nd to the 23rd of March 1997, in which I met my wife. Since then the saddle was never used again and spent its hard existence on various shelves.

It is a German „Reiserad“ (touring bicycle), quite popular from 1985 to about 1995. It where 700c bicycles with drop bars, tires from 25 to max. 32mm wide, sturdy rear racks, front lowrider attachments (following Jim Blackburns suggestions), but no front bag support as usual in France and no saddle bag as in UK but of course fully equipped fenders and light as per German traffic regulations, had usually cantilever brakes, often dynamo under die bottom bracket, sometimes with remote control, geometry close to racing bikes, angles often 72-73 degree.

So nothing new under the sun, but the German approach for this topic, being a little late as it started around 1983 becoming popular.

Guylaine was the top brand of such bicycles in that age, offering complete bicycles in a modular concept regarding braze ons and components.

Guylaine Randonneur by Heiko, auf Flickr

Hello mein gesperrt friend, that is a fine fine looking bike. I have never heard of the brand name before. Was or is it fairly well known in Germany? It appears to have all the functionality of a nice sport tourer.
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