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Originally Posted by prairiepedaler View Post
Hello mein gesperrt friend, that is a fine fine looking bike. I have never heard of the brand name before. Was or is it fairly well known in Germany? It appears to have all the functionality of a nice sport tourer.
Market leader at the top end of a niche market, so well known among ambitious cyclotourists and bicyclelovers of that age, but of cause not well known to the general public, perhaps even not to racing bicycle fans.

Company was founded 1983, own framebuilding started Summer 1986.
I scanned a complete set of catalogs from their first catalog with selfmade frames 1986 to their last paper-catalog at all 1996/97. Files are uploaded in a German bicycle forum, from post no. 3 onwards, filesize 4-6 mb each, 12 catalogs in total. All catalogphotos are also uploaded in that place in 150 dpi quality and can also be found in 600 dpi "high quality" on Flickr.
Files are posted with permission of the rights owner.
Language is German everywhere.
600 dpi catalog photo scans:

The 1992 catalog is the most beautiful one imho, nice front and rear covers, nice model photos, full geometry data anyway, pdf-file below the following forum post:

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