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Sorry you crashed, but glad you and the bike weren't hurt any worse. I hope you make a full and speedy recovery.

Originally Posted by msalvetti View Post
Tonight I crashed.
There is a segment of the MUP I ride where they repaved this year, but haven't finished. So on my outbound ride there is a 2-inch drop. I avoid it by riding around it on the shoulder, and then rejoining the MUP on the older pavement. The shoulder and the old pavement are even, so the transition is easy. Tonight in the dark (despite my headlight) I didn't realize that yesterday they completed the paving. So when I went to transition back to what had been the old pavement, I hit the edge of the new pavement. Front wheel washed out and I got sent flying at about 15 mph. Landed on my right upper chest/shoulder, and the right side of my head hit the pavement hard.
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