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Originally Posted by texbazII View Post
My Lynskey came in 12/02/21, order placed 11/05/21. The product is actually very nice glad I went with Di2, need to put in some miles but from what I have noticed the various shifting modes can be very intuitive depending on terrain. My initial impression is the bike is very industrial, business like.

What I really like is the Garmin Edge 830, Di2, integration, no more looking back at the cassette or chain ring (D-fly module). I know that's not really something reflective of the actual bike frame but its part of the final build.

Cadence sensor, has little clearance between the chainstay and and left crank arm but, if moved all the way up toward the BB it works.

A special thanks to Rick, for his YT channel and content, specifically on this bike in a real used scenario and 1lieutenant for posting pictures and his story, I even asked to have lynskey mod my frame the same as his by routing the hydraulic lines through the frame but they wanted 660 bucks, too costly for just aesthetics.

So,far only a small little shakedown ride 20miler, The fixing bolt on the Lynskey seat post to saddle loosened and the stem top cap also loosened, which is odd since they were both secured and torqued.

I'm definitely smiling, its a nice bike for sure.

Bike looks fantastic! Maybe a bit of loctite would help with the loosening bolts.

I forgot about the Di2 little battery box on the handlebar. My road bike has Di2 and the battery must be in the seatpost because I don't see it. I think my upcoming Litespeed also has the Di2 battery in the seatpost which is what I prefer.
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