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Hey @dirtman , good observation/diagnosis of the pin backing out of the pinion gear. That could be the cause as described. I have often wondered why these pinion gears weren't brazed in. I already know the answer though. It works and if after 50 years a pin fall out that is ok. Afterall brazing the pinion gear on would be a lot more work than just pinning it. An involve a torch, oxygen and someone skilled in the use of this equipment. Any line assembly tech can put a pin in.

I will check the fit of this pin next/every time I have a hub apart.

Of course, this is why you should not ignore signs that something may be going bad. No one here on Bike Forums would do that, but outside of us bike zealots that happens. The good news is that she found the right person to return her hub to it's original form and continue to ride her C & V bike. Good job, @2fat2fly .
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