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Originally Posted by LesterOfPuppets View Post
Uh-oh. There's a new autonomous car in town. Cruise. Hard to see because there's too much chicken grease on my phone but it says "self-driver in training" on it.

Saw one of those the other day down in Menlo Park. Maybe we could help train them by driving erratically around them. You know, tailgate them, cut them off then slow way down, make left turns from the right lane in front of them - all the stuff that drives you buggy.

BTW, I don't know for sure what happened, but this weekend I was out front washing my car, and I hear the sound of a car braking suddenly - not a squeal of tires, because cars don't do that anymore. I looked up and there was a Tesla Model 3 about 3 houses down, which seemed to have braked suddenly. There was nothing around it. Nobody on the sidewalk, no other cars, no cyclists, nothing. I wondered if this was the sudden, unexplained braking that I've heard they do sometimes when all the nannies are turned on.
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